Meet the cohort – a fantastic mix of 13 of the most ambitious and talented devs and entrepreneurs building on the Oasis blockchain!

We’re excited to meet the incoming cohort and even more excited to begin this journey on the 2nd of February!

~ Abdullah Lawendy,

Let’s meet the projects tackling some of the most challenging – and interesting problems in the space!

Team Thoughts on ForSale:

ForSale is the global marketplace for real estate where you can buy and sell properties as NFTs. They are working on the next generation real estate marketplace, automating real estate transactions and speeding up trades globally. Their marketplace offers an innovative solution for buying and selling properties as NFTs and opens a new path for buyers, sellers and investors. You can find the ForSale team on Twitter and Discord

Team Thoughts on Togggle:

A great Oasis-aligned mission to “take back control of personal data”, we’re excited for Togggle to pioneer a human-centric approach to data privacy with Oasis!

Team Thoughts on

The team are aiming to create a future of economic inclusion so that underrepresented communities are financially included in the global financial ecosystem. You can find the team on Twitter and Discord.

Team Thoughts on Runeguard:

A ‘fan-favourite’ of resident MTG expert Ekin Tuna, head of Business Development at Oasis.  Runeguard is a multiplayer online TCG utilizing the power of blockchain technologies and NFTs. Runeguard! You can also follow their journey on Twitter and Discord.

Team Thoughts on betterdata:

Alex Potter, Director of the Oasis – MetaMind Blockchain Accelerator states: “I’m hugely optimistic about the synthetic data space – and betterdata’s plans to build a world-leading synthetic data marketplace with Oasis!”

Team Thoughts on Billions Health:

Everyone, everywhere should be able to lead a longer, healthier life effortlessly. So says the team at Billions Health. They are working to bring all of the world’s health data in one easy place for research to take place using the power of blockchain technology. They will be using the Oasis tools to give the world complete control and transparency over the access and use of their health data. You can follow their journey on Twitter.

Team Thoughts on LibertasDAO:

A treasury-backed investment protocol and Rose Validator driven by the Oasis community. We love that the fully-doxxed  LibertasDAO team feel that Oasis is “THE upcoming Blockchain” – we’d have to agree! You can follow their journey on Twitter and Discord and you read more about their project here.

Team Thoughts on Valoro:

More entrepreneurs with a hugely ambitious mission (our favourite kind), Valoro are building an Islamic DeFi DEX project that fits with Islamic financial principles – which we feel has a massive market & potential!

Team Thoughts on Rosart:

With several NFT experts on the teams and mentor pool at Oasis and MetaMind Labs – we’re intrigued to see how the Rosart team can use the unique functionalities of Oasis to power a fully-fledged NFT marketplace. You can follow their journey on Twitter and read about their project here. 

Team Thoughts on Rhythm & Bizness:

Another really unique proposition, we’re really excited to see how Rhythm & Bizness can power the R&B and Soul community with Oasis-based NFT features that’ll empower overlooked creators & fans alike!

Team Thoughts on Leadr

We’re super excited to see how Leadr is going to tackle impermanent loss using Oasis tech – we were impressed by this entrepreneur’s drive and vision, and look forward to helping make it a reality!

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